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About UTQ

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The History Of UTQ
Pre Violence
Prior to the creation of UTQ, a workers front known as the Frente De Trabajadores Del Sur Occidente (FETRASO) existed, being made up of some of the larger unions in the south western region, including the workers union of the national brewing company, various factories, and mine workers.
FETRASO provided economic and political assistance to their union members. As well, it provided a platform from which its members could voice their concerns on a national level.
They also organized demonstrations, with the two main ones being 1 May and 20 October each year.
The Demise of FETRASO
The wave of violence and repression that occurred in Guatemala in 1980 and 1981 lead to the ultimate demise of FETRASO. Much of this repression was aimed directly at the workers movement, including FETRASO and its leaders, resulting in the deaths of some leaders, while others fled Guatemala, and those that remained limited their activities to their own specific unions. This left Guatemala and more specifically Quetzaltenango and the southwest region of Guatemala without a unified organization that represented the needs of the Guatemalan workers.
The Formation of UTQ
After the violence and repression dissipated, the belief in the possibility of a more democratic Guatemala began to appear. There was a clear need to fight against the anti-union stance of the government and the economically powerful private sector, where human rights violations were still a reality despite the signing of the Peace Accords in 1996. This, coupled with the fact that there was a basic need for such an organization to be formed in Quetzaltenango, lead to the integration of the existing unions in the region into one single organization. The Union de Trabajadores Quetzaltenango (UTQ) was thus founded on the 26 July, 1986.

The People Of UTQ
Oswaldo Saquich
The Leader of UTQ, he has been fighting for the Guatemalan workers for more than 36 years.

Oswaldo Saquich

The Volunteers
The volunteers for UTQ come from all over the world, but share the same dream of helping workers in Guatemala. 


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