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Conference on Globilization and the Effect of the Guatemalan Workers

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On Thursday 24th February 2005, UTQ held their first fundraising event of the year.

The evening began with a conference in spanish and english on ´Globalization and its effects on the workers of Guatemala´.  The speaker, Jorge Mario Pivaral volunteered his time, as did Julie Loder of EntreMundus who did a wonderful job translating Jorge´s talk into English.


With a turnout of about 30-40, the event was a success, providing an opportunity for the foreigners who attended to learn more about Guatemala´s past and present and the effects that international actions can have on such a country.


The evening concluded with a brief address by Oswaldo Saquich, director of UTQ, followed by Patricia Chang, director of the women´s branch of UTQ who spoke of the upcoming march on May 8 to support International Women´s Day.


Drinks and snacks were available throughout the evening and music continued on after the talks were over, creating a relaxed environment for discussion.



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