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Donations to UTQ go to support the rights of workers in the city and field alike.  They support our various programs, such as the Ernesto Che Guevara School of Coordination and Planning.  Your donation helps us to make sure the Guatemala People and the Government are carrying out the promises they made in the Peace Accords, in 1996.  Donations also go to support the programs in indigenous Mayan communities, which are trying to get their land back from the government.  Besides for these listed, new programs are always being started at UTW, and for this we ask for your help and solidarity for a systemic social change in Guatemala.

For Volunteers

Since the Peace Accords were signed in 1996, the rest of the world sees Guatemala as a country that is on the mend and not in need of financial or political support. Unfortunately the majority of the Accords have not been complied with, and the workers and people of Guatemala continue to struggle every day and need international recognition and support, however big or small.


If you are overseas and have contact with organizations or individuals who may be interested in giving support, write to


If you are here in Guatemala and want to help UTQ directly, there is all kinds of help to be given – grant writing, fundraising, project development, office support, document translations.  Write, call Oswaldo Saquich (7765-5242) or visit the UTQ Headquarters (click here for directions) (11 Calle 0-05, Zona 2, Quetzaltenango).

Contact us at